For the first time ever here’s the opportunity to train with the legendary bodybuilding champion Robby Robinson aka The Black Prince, as his “Master Class” video carries you through several intense one-on-one training sessions.

Robby shares all of his tricks of the game including body positioning, mindset, exercise rhythm and form and breathing that will increase muscle growth and strength.


In the MASTER CLASS, Natural Mr Britain – Ian Duckett’s desire to learn led him to work with Robby and experience the ultimate bodybuilding lifestyle Robby has crafted in Venice, CA. The insight and pointers shared during Robby and Ian’s training sessions are those only a Master at the game can give.


Ian and Robby visit biomechanic genius Dean Murray’s studio for some bodywork and end up taking away invaluable knowledge about the body.

Take a front row seat and view all the parts of Robby’s Master Plan.


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Master Class w/ Robby Robinson (Download)