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Custom Monthly Coaching Plan

Are you on a budget but want ongoing coaching for your training and diet goals?

Robby is now offering an affordable monthly payment option for those that want the wisdom that only the Black Prince can offer.

How does this work?

Email and tell Robby you're interested in coaching and what you hope to accomplish. Once he receives payment (see bottom of this page), he'll set up a 30 minute call to review your email and to ask any clarifying questions.

What will the plan include?

  • A written outline of training and eating based on your goals.

  • Weekly 15 minute check-ins by phone with Robby to gauge progress and to ask any questions.

How much does it cost? $350 USD per month - 3 month minimum commitment.

Why 3 months? Progress doesn't happen overnight. In most cases, you'll need that much time to see progress and have a chance for Robby to tweak the program.

How do I pay? Click the "Subscribe" button below. Your PayPal account will be billed each month for 3 months.

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