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What to expect for your Master Class

Robby customizes each experience based on your needs and his observations of your training and nutrition as well as what you hope to achieve.

It's recommended to find lodging within walking distance of Gold's Gym on Hampton Drive so that you can take advantage of all the Venice area has to offer. Robby likes the Venice Beach Suites & Hotel or you can opt to find something through AirBNB or VRBO. For those who need to fly, the closest airport is LAX. There are plenty of taxis or ride-sharing services to get you back and forth to the airport. It's about a 20 - 30 minute drive from LAX to the Venice area.

Upon your arrival, you'll contact Robby to set up your first day's training at the famous Gold's Gym in Venice. Each session will last from 45 minutes to an hour. Expect to work! Robby will train right along side you as he instructs you on proper form and technique. Afterwards, you'll join him for a post-workout meal at the famous Firehouse restaurant or one of several healthy eating spots he frequents. You'll take a tour through local health food stores and farmers markets with Robby and learn about his shopping list of foods, supplements and herbs that have contributed so much to his mastery of the sport.

Each day's session will last about 2 hours.

Robby is an open book when it comes to all aspects of the bodybuilding lifestyle. He encourages you to ask questions, take pictures, do whatever it takes to absorb his knowledge and this unique experience!

Book a 1 day or up to 4 days. Discounts for multiple days! Click the button below to choose your preferred Master Class from the Shop! If you want to book for more than one person or have other questions, email

To get the most out of this program, the more information you send in advance the better.

Send your current eating plan, body-fat test results (or a good approximation) and your training routine. Also, photos of your back-lat spread, side-chest and front-double bicep poses would be helpful. Email them to

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