Sculpting the perfect body, managing to stay on track of nutrition, dietary supplements, a proper eating regiment... it's not easy. It takes discipline, it takes dedication, an iron will... and motivation.

After all, you can't reach your goals if you haven't defined a specific goal to reach yet. And while imagining such a goal can help, having an inspirational example in front of you, that you can see with your own eyes, is second to none. To that end, Robby is offering several motivational tools to aid you in your quest:

- The DVDs will show you Robby's story, as well as several of his workout techniques, training and nutrition tips, and much more.

- The books will tell you about Robby's training and life experience, about other legends of Golden era of bodybuilding and reveal what really happened behind the scenes of Weider's empire

- All the posters, photos, books and DVDs are autographed by Robby himself, and the apparel is perfect to get you in the right zone for working out.

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"The BLACK PRINCE; My Life in Bodybuilding: Muscle vs Hustle" -
memoirs of a golden era bodybuilding legend

Let Robby inspire your training sessions like no one else can!

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